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Are you seeking an experienced community leader that listens to residents, having 20-year family roots in Chestermere?

Hi, I’m Michelle and I've loved serving our community and raising my family right here in Chestermere for almost 20 years. My career highlights include:

  • SAIT Business Administration Degree
  • Dedicated Mom to eight great kids and 2 grandkids (so far)
  • City Anchor reporter
  • 2017 - 2021 Chestermere City Councillor
  • Multiple term Chestermere Deputy Mayor
  • Passionately serving on many city committees including the Chestermere Public Library Board, Seniors Task Force, Seniors Advisory Committee, Calgary Intermunicipal Committee, Utility Board, Streetscapes, Audit Committee and many others.
  • Planning committee of the Butterfly Gala
  • UnitedWay Easter Egg Hunt
  • Christmas With Dignity Christmas Store
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Country Fair
  • Whitecappers

What Makes Me Different?

"Guiding Chestermere forward starts by electing a Mayor who is focused on strengthening our economy, enhancing our  communities, providing amazing services at a reasonable cost, and who will stay honest and transparent with residents."

What Others Say

Michelle Young has shown in several ways that she has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the person we need for mayor of Chestermere, AB. She’s been a long time Chestermere resident and understands how the city has grown and what direction it needs to move towards as well for its residents. On top of that she has been involved with the council for years as well. One thing that truly makes Michelle different then the others is that she values the opinion of all residents and wants everyone’s voices to be heard.

Sunny Banipal, Resident & Business Owner

"I have known Michelle before we moved to Chestermere 9 years ago. Michelle Young will bring years of community involvement and passion for Chestermere to the Mayor's chair. From her time reporting for the Anchor, to her Council term, Michelle has repeatedly shown caring for the community, with a perspective that is long term. She is someone who has raised her family here and worked to bring jobs here. Chestermere can only benefit with Michelle as Mayor."

Art Buitenwerf, Resident & Small Business Owner

I met Michelle prior to her appointment on council when she was a reporter for our local paper and her care and love for this community has always been evident. As a Councillor, she has been approachable and willing to engage in fair informative conversation about current issues within our boundaries and I appreciate having access to someone who is willing to have a discussion and answer questions, even when the topic is a hard one. I have no doubt she will see many more years of successful public service.

Jody Nakoneshny, Resident & Small Business Owner

Michelle is a long-time Chestermere resident that understands the unique character of our City.  Being a local business owner, her perspective on our economic and social issues is both broad and robust.  As a trusted, active member of our community, she is transparent and passionate about doing what’s right.  She has been a valuable asset to our City as a Councillor and her leadership and dedication make her an obvious choice for the Mayor of Chestermere."

Joanne Lemna

Michelle Young is an amazing, strong and determined woman. She cares a great deal about her community and is regularly active in trying to make it better for everyone. I’ve worked with her for seven years and whenever I turn to her with concern, she patiently listens and helps me figure out a solution. She cares about people, and she cares about our environment. She is extraordinarily compassionate, and we need a person like that in the Mayor’s seat. Michelle would be an excellent Mayor, and I believe anyone who spends time with her would see that."

Reo Harb, Resident & Business Owner

I also met Michelle while she was reporting for our local newspaper.  It always amazed me that she seemed to be everywhere all the time; all local events; covering City Council; keeping us all informed on what was happening in Chestermere and obviously enjoying every moment while still finding time to volunteer for several local non-profit organizations.

Her energy and passion for the City and its residents continues as evidenced by the accomplishments of the current City Council; a very impressive and true Report Card.  A Mayor with Michelle’s professionalism, experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and approachability will be a huge asset for us all."

Mardi Oel, Executive Director, Chestermere Food Bank

It is with great pleasure that we, The CVAA, fully and wholeheartedly, throw our support
behind Councilor Michelle Young for Mayor. Michelle Young has served as city councilor since 2017 and has been a member of our
community since 2002. She has volunteered and served on several committees and boards
and is dedicated to making our community stronger. Michelle values diversity and Inclusion,
and has fought to keep our taxes low and Utility rates at a competitive rate. With 9 children
in her family, the voices of our youth are very important to her, as is the mental and physical
well-being of the youth in our communities.
We cannot think of anyone else more suited to represent us as our new Mayor."

Corey McDonnell, Chestermere Vikings Athletic Association

Your city, your way!